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The eighth edition of 'Legal Linguistics'for postgraduate high level international courses

Date:2017-09-30 Author: Clicks:

Schedule for the Lecture  

Friday, 15th September 9:00-11:00AM; 2:00-4:00PM  Venue:3402  

Lecture 1, Dr. Stain: Language in the Law: ares of contact (overview)  

Lecture 2: Dr.Guillen: Forensic linguistics as a foreign science  

Monday, 18th September 9:00-11:00AM)  Venue:3402  

Lecture 3: Dr.Stain: From sentence linguistic to discourse linguistics textlinguistics  

Lecture 4:Dr.Guillen: Trademark linguistics  

Tuesday, 19th September900-11:00AM; 2:00-4:00PMVenue:3402  

Lecture 5:Dr.Stain: From textlinguistics to discourse linguistics  

Lecture 6:Dr.Guillen: Literary plagiarism  

Wednesday,, 20th September900-11:00AM; 2:00-4:00PMVenue:3402  

Lecture 7:Dr.Stain: From discourse linguistics to discourse pragmatics  

Lecture 8 :Dr.Guillen: Authorship identification  

Tuesday, 26th September900-11:00AM; 2:00-4:00PMVenue:3402  

Lecture 9 :Dr.Stain: Pragmatics in the analysis of legal discourse  

Lecture 10:Dr.Guillen:Language crimes:the linguistics of defamation  

Wednesday, 27th September, Special additional session900-11:00AM



Dr.Stain&Dr.Guillen:Questions and consultations